Shadow Trial: New Beginning

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Shadow Trial: New Beginning

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Shadow Counsel

[Lore] Where time stands still, those of the past, future and known present all appear in a realm where the future and past combine constantly forming a present only the shadow lords can comprehend. The shadow lords are nothing, but everything they are the mythical beings said to of created the worlds and galaxy the worlds reside in. The shadow lords powers may reach beyond that of our universe, but this is their story as legend goes. There was once six beings of untold power, these six perhaps created the universe and the world you reside in. But what is known. is that one of the lords began to think differently from the remaining five, this was known to be the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord, began to refer to itself as a self, an identity was born something that the they forbid. A self conscious is a sign of corruption, though the corruption was a slow one spanning centuries before it's chaotic effects could be witnessed. They still removed the Dark Lord and chained it to the world of man as a servant to the remaining five where the Dark Lord would spend it's remaining powers maintaining said world as the Grim Reaper. The remaining lords appointed the Light Lord as it's new head, the Light lord and others work as one just as they did when their were six. But the Light Lord now is at the center of the five, and is seen as a leader with power greater then the rest.

[Setting] Fog rises three feet off the ground, so thick one can not see beyond it. But forward five statues of gray stretch 16 feet tall of cloaked and hooded figures with large sleeves brought together over their stomachs where they meet in sync. The statues are standing shoulder to shoulder, the tallest ranging up to 16'9" tall and it is the first to show sign of movement as the hollowed out hood illuminates with a pair of glowing white solid eyes. These eyes appear with each word heard from the statue, echoing in the heads of those meant to hear them. Each other statue reveal their own glowing eyes, a pair of crimson red, sapphire blue, emerald green, and golden yellow. going from left to right, these figures also spoke repeating in sync what the tallest had said, but in their own words. Again only those meant to hear them would, some heard only the crimson or only the gold as the others were mute. But when the voices came to an end the one in question would be given a moment of peace, which in that time he or she would plead her case. Those found guilty beyond salvation were outcasts imprisoned and used as a source of spiritual energy until judgement day. But those with unique cases, were offered a deal, a deal in which the damned could contribute to the underworld in return for a favor from the grim reaper "Death" its self. The favor extends beyond life and death, time and space, but it is a favor earned at the risk of your existence.

[IC] The five statues of the shadow lords, they all speak, but you only hear one. They say each lord is the master of something related to the color of their eyes, those that have speculated assume they link to the elements. Those with a burning rage, a powerful hate and uncontrollable anger commonly only hear the red one speak and later attain skills in the category of fire and destruction. Considering this, the eyes of the shadow lords seem to symbolize water, Gaia, fire, wind and light excluding Dark. Which if the myth is true, darkness is Death the Grim Reaper. Depending on your elemental specialization, nature and alignment one of these lords become audible to you and it is that lord you will plead too and serve if approved worthy of Reaper status. The words spoken are simple and dumbed down for even the most inferior.

"You before us, you who we recognize not by name nor deed, You the soul of one reborn through time have been brought down. In the pit of memories you will speak your piece, then hold your peace as judgement is passed."

As this is said, your past lives are relived in only a short moment, you know everything you have done since the dawn of your souls creation up until this day. The morally righteous, the morally wrong, the selfish and horrid to selfless and noble. You find that you have not been with out sin, for every good life you have lived, you have lived an equally bad one. Seeing all this at once doesn't shock you in the Shadow Lord counsel's presence, you don't know why, but the ability to feel shock, fear have been removed from you while in their presence. Their power becomes more noticeable when you find you are not cold or hot, hungry or full, but in a neutral state in body, soul and mind.


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