[Suggestion] The Shadow Lords?

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[Suggestion] The Shadow Lords?

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:07 pm

Star's Idea

So say you died, like moi and you ended up in front of the five shadow lords.
The idea is you get one of the five elemental paths to follow? or can you get more then one? If so, the idea is to finish or break from a path and start the other one at the start. But their is a penalty, to go back to a path you have already started on, you will have to start over again to reach the previous learning level before learning newer stuff. Like a test/review, so its best to fully master a path before trying another one, or master a path to a point where you are happy with it before changing to another path.

Paths are broken into five paths at first, each shadow lord is one path.
But then each shadow lord teaches three forms of the same magic, allowing you to only master one of the three first. for example the Shadow lord Gaia.
___Earth < Rock Solid ( Elemental )
Gaia ---___Nature < Beast God (Summoner)
___Sand < Storm Rage (Manipulation)

Each path has a percentage of completion 0% to 100%
The higher the percentage the farther you are in that path.
Reaching a 100% means you have mastered it and know even S ranked skills.
S rank skilled are for masters and Shadow Lords only (more info in Attack & Power)

Each Shadow lord has it's own private court located some where in the underworld where it waits for you, it is there for all eternity appearing else where in only presence, but not self. So you head to their court and you ask to be trained, you will be given a few options and from what you decide you will get a set of skills. These skills are meant to be used to challenge the shadow lord whom will then relinquish a weaker version of it self to fight you. The weaker version is slightly stronger then you and you have to use your skills wisely to outsmart it and weaken it to a point. Then you have succeeded to the next level "earning" the next spell or set of spells and being able to brand the revealed spells with your name being the founder.

First come, first serve. But with so many skills, there will be plenty to unlock and the test changes every time and gets harder as you get stronger. Not just based on how far you are in a path. This means if you went with fire and you are at 40% and then go to water, the shadow lord will fight you at 40% even if you are at 0% in water...

This makes it tougher to have or master multiple skills making it fair if you manage to get your hands on any of them. But the reward is also different now, you will earn spells that have not only water, but also a mixture with fire.
The Shadow lords always teach you based on your needs and strengths.

There is more.
The rule of having multiple elements is applied here, that means you can only have a total of 100% at any given time. So if you have 40% fire, 30% water and 30% earth, then you total up to 100% and cant learn any more skills from any of the paths. This means you are a hybrid and have to mix up and make combos wisely with what you got, and since your highest is Fire (40%) you never got to learn A to S rank attacks/powers. But the good news is you have lower energy costs even when you get extremely powerful naturally.


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