The Shadow Lords: Mysterious Six

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The Shadow Lords: Mysterious Six

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In this forums truth and lore have been twisted, this is another paralleled universe tot he modern world we all know with a twist. The world came to be by six entities, and is balanced and maintained through Death. As long as there is reapers, death can proceed and from death comes life. With out Death or life chaos would reign until the universe collapses upon it self and implodes. This is the legend of the mysterious six, and where you are now.

In the beginning of time, two entities of bright light clashed and crashed repeatedly. These two forces bloomed life and destruction wherever they passed and where ever they went space was formed behind them. Imagine two beings of such power slowly drawing and creating space as we know it by simply moving in nothingness. Their paths intersected every so often causing their energys to combine, this gave birth to a third light they both rejected. This light didn't shine, it instead consumed all forms of light creating a void of darkeness, this new threat couldn't be defeated and instead contained. To maintain it, the two forces had to agree to a truce, since then the two have parted and left four entities two from each to watch over the contained.

These four were with out form or name, but the mess left behind bloomed life, worlds and galaxies that they too were meant to watch over. These four took on the names Gaia, Aqua, Tadita and Nootau, they had no self conscious and worked as one in sync like drones. But over time as the worlds bloomed life from destruction, once fiery rocks of lava cooled into flourishing planets with creatures of all species and race. The four noticed a problem, when these creatures eventually died it created a effect similar to the contained that disrupted the physical realm and the spiritual realm. To neutralize this threat the four had to start containing the souls and spirits somewhere like the original two did, but still this continued to be a problem. To many contained giving birth to another sub space where their power was growing greater, before the great escape the original two returned. The four had grown in power some how and joint with the original two the group of six created the Under World a place where all the contained could be stored and slowly converted into reusable energy. The six watched over the source of the plague and the main source was a single planet with humanoid creatures. The six took humanoid forms to match while among them, the races that had formed over time were each feuding over land and foolish things. The six broke apart taking dominance over different parts of the world and separating the races and land into pieces. The few who remember this refer to the six as gods/goddesses, but demons call them the Shadow Lords.

Corruption, its so powerful it can effect even the great shadow lords. Its the year 2020 and earth is at the peak of technology, but advertisement and corporations rule the world behind a puppet known as a president. Humans are the known dominant race, but are secretly second to the supernatural who live among them in disguise. Both humans and the supernatural alike have the capability of discovering and unleashing Shadow or Twilight magic, a type of magic that corrupts and consumes the soul giving birth to an undefinable entity. These entities are equivalent to drones and exist solely in the heart of the weak or desperate, to rid the world of these before they consume a soul completely reapers are dispatched to capture them with unique weapons. When contained, the shadow is purged of light and darkness and destroyed freeing the soul/spirit. The Shadow lords have long been forgotten and like most religions they are a myth only demons seem to believe in. But when one dies or transcends to the underworld, they are always confronted by five tall statues dressed in heavy long robes with hoods. A select few can do more then see the glowing eyes, but actually hear one of the five speak. Passing this test grants them the right to choose a path and embark on a new life leaving behind the one they know. They become a reaper and the knowledge of time itself becomes their weapon in the never ending fight to maintain balance.

The sixth Shadow Lord, those in the know of the shadow lords know they are real and all powerful. But don't know why in the myth there is six, but in the underworld there is only five. The unknown and unspoken truth is that light and dark were the original two, the fought and gave birth to chaos known as Shadow. The name shadow lords comes from their unity, they work as one to maintain shadows and prevent it's corruption of existence. Light in it's reaper form is a male many call Kou meaning Light, he never speaks about anything beyond the knowledge of light skills so no one knows the truth. A myth among the reaped and reapers is that Kou and the others stripped Orpheus known as the Dark Lord of his power for showing signs of corruption. Orpheus was not completely powerless and still dedicated to the cause and continuing serving out the remainder of his immortality as the first Reaper, the Grim Reaper known as Death. Death never speaks or even teaches the dark skills, and with out an identity or humanoid form many speculate it's gender as a he or her. Death only reaps and assist reapers in reaping, then returns to the underworld where it drains the shadow hearts of their darkness. This is the only clue that he is the shadow lord of darkness.

A Millennium has passed, The Grim Reaper's corruption has started to effect it's judgement and performance. A replacement reaper is to be selected, Aqua showing signs of corruption by assigning herself a name "Ophelia" is made a candidate, but Gaia known as Kai proposed an idea. Those blessed with the potential of attaining great power would be assigned Reaper Status and work second to Death. But with in the ranks of these second rate reapers are several ranks as more and more are recruited each stronger or different from the other. The end result, the best one when Death becomes obsolete would replace Death. This was a grand a idea until they recruited Krow, a rebellious reaper who possessed greater potential then the current Death. Because of this the Shadow Lords have made exceptions and haven't stripped Krow of his powers, with Krow's freedom and power he did as he pleased until attaining a partner, then another and another. Soon a crew was born known as the Unsigned Reaperz that grew larger then he could of ever imagined. The UR worked for others under the guise of super soldiers and for the Shadow Lords as highly skilled Reapers. Even though the Shadow Lords separated most races from humans, they have all started to discover one another and the most problematic being Demons. UR is used as regulators to keep the influence of other super natural races from effecting the physical world's human race. Peace Keepers with a killing license, due to Krow's success rate it can't be helped.

Demons defining all forms of super natural from lesser undead to dimensional travellers. They aren't always evil or despicable creatures hungering for souls, but the fact remains soul energy is very powerful and scarce attained only through domination and contracts. Demons from other dimensions with this knowledge come for the bountiful collection of souls the world has to offer, with so many useless meaningless lives being lived. It makes humans the perfect cattle for souls as they overpopulate and make more souls by the minute, but this isn't true. Most the of the humans are already soulless, corrupted or a demon in disguise. When a demon takes a corrupted soul, they become corrupted and a bigger threat. There are also mutants, humans that attain power through genetics or accidents, these humans are prized in the underworld and are targeted to for reaping or recruitment. Some use their powers to attain power making them a threat to others will hire UR to silence them, some mutants join UR for protection and become members in training with out being a reaper. Beyond the listed, all kinds of races have come or been found on earth, and cover stories and events keep them from being publicly known world wide. Krow knowing all this works for either side, neither the shadow lords or clients know Krow's motives, but the shadow lords see an uncertain future where Krow will be needed.


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