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[Request] Brain Storm

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:06 pm

Idea Basket

Throw some ideas in the form of a post.
The idea can be disguised and improved or changed.
Then the final version of that idea will be listed up here.
The ideas will be implemented in the near future or asap.

Remember to use the Quote feature when editing some one else idea or commenting on it. Helps keep track when there are more then one idea being pitched. The current ideas are listed below this message.

@ Mobile
Cars, bikes, wings and boards.
Lots of role players like having new forms of transportation besides the teleport or dashing into the night or trees. So, a section for the wheels of Unsigned Reaperz? A place to showcase ideas or already completed rides used with the character.
Requirements: An external mobile item or ride has to serve a purpose, not just for looks or cause you want one. The ride has to be faster then you if not then usable in the form of a weapon, home, or or storage.
Example: Star has a low rise chopper, its not faster then her or indestructible, but it pours out fog at a faster rate then she can. (I should really get one lulz)

@ Weapons
Scythes, Swords, Shields, Claws, gauntlets, hammers, axes, staffs etc
Most fighters even simple travelers have weapons, but they're rarely normal
weapons, you know a wooden staff or an iron sword. Instead their always either enchanted with some power, or cursed with some side effect or made
from some ungodly material to make it indestructible or something.
The Idea: Weapons will be categorized in it's own section to give members
inspiration and help them think of awesome new weapons for them selves or all of Unsigned Reaper. So here is an example.

Name: Kurai (Katana / curved saber)
Blade Specs: 24inches long, 2 inches wide,
Hilt Specs: 1/2 inch thick, 3x3 inches Nazi design.
Handle: 6 inches long, 2 inches thick, finger engraved rubber handle
Power: A blade that ignites when swung at great speeds, its heat resistant and maintains a sharp blade and edge at all times. It can't rust or grow dull and weighs next to nothing in it's masters hand, but weighs a ton in the hand of another.

More to come, from me and all of you, Thanks in advance.
Would love to hear from the mod/admin about the ideas so far.


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