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The Rules
These are subjected to change over time as the forum grows, when new rules or old rules are changed or added an announcement will be made to alert all members of the change. The rules added and changed will most likely be to help maintain the peace and a friendly atmosphere and have nothing to do with in game play.

In Game Play

- Semi to Para+
This means your posts have to at least be semi-para (1 paragraph/5lines)
It can be longer, but para is preferred (2 to 3 paragraphs) or more.

- Turn Based.
If you don't know, its taking turns, no double posting or skipping unless authorized by a mod/admin. If a character leaves the area or RP he/she can be skipped.

- God Modding.
Only admin and shadowlords can god mod, No controlling a character's reaction, turn and so on. No mind reading unless it's a power, no omnipresence unless its a power. Ask if this confuses you in a reply/post.

- Realistic Feel.
Falling, running and eating, when out of battle you have to act realistic.
No speeds of light with out a scratch or burn on you, no falling from 100s of feets with out a crater or taking damage, no one bite meals gone, For more on this just ask, its simple, if you smoke, there is smoke fumes and a scent.

- Death Call.
You can not die unless you agree to die, or have been defeated in a Death Match (DM) other then that, even when severally injured, you will just respawn at Shadow Lords entrance.

- Energy basis
Energy is in everything, it has many forms, many types.
You can be immortal, but when you run out of energy you're done for.
Reaper energy (Applies to reapers only) is a made up energy for this forum, it allows you to fight with out being hindered by wounds or low energy. You fight at your best until the last drop is gone, then poof to respawn. A reaper can be slow down and effected by status effect moves, but having their leg cut off just means nothing to them.
For others there is the three below and more.
Life Energy, your main energy which is small and untapped.
(Can be used for anything, at the cost of your life span)
Ki Energy, known as Mana, Chakra, Chi, a fuel used for techiqnues.
(Used to move, attack, do spells and powers, everything really. )
Kinetic Energy, the basis of movement and momentum.
(Effects how fast something move or stop, drop or slam, its course and more.)

- Presence.
You even as a Reaper or other species still can't be everywhere at once.
You might be able to hear, or know something due to some power, but you must leave an area before participating in another area. If you teleport at a high level, travelling great distances, you still have to teleport to the place so no having two RP's or more at the same time.

In Combat Rules

- Move, a form of action.
Take control and dash, run, fly etc to a desired area during battle with out necessarily being necessarily, or else that's dodging.

- Charge, a form of building energy.
The body of any creature is a Vessel, a vessel has a 100% energy.
The amount could be 1million or 1thousand, but it's still 100% to charge beyond your limit for more power, you must give your self a split moment where you perform no action at all. In this moment you are tapping into your own energy and replicating/regenerating it slowly. Charging is the only action that doesn't take energy to perform, but instead gives energy.

- Attack, any form of offensive behaviour.
Attacks range from physical attacks like kicks, punches, tackles.
To long range weaponry like guns firing, wands or scythes firing bolts.
Magic, powers, if it hurts the target or is meant too, its offensive = Attack.

- Block, a form of defending.
A simple way of defending in most cases, standing your ground on ground or air and using blockades, barriers, screens, shields, or any object like weapons, armor or just a taunt using the knees or forearms and back to take a blow and hopefully neutralize its offensive effects.

- Dodge, a form of evasion.
A simple way to avoid attacks by a hair or by a mile, dodging is a safe way to avoid all forms of attacks through speed and flexibility. But in rare cases it's better to block/counter then dodge, or it can make things worst.

- Counter, a form of defending through offence.
A counter has many forms, but it comes from the simplest to most complicated actions. Simple being a demon throws a punch and turn it against him by breaking his elbow or tossing him over your back in judo fashion. In powers, its a power struggle, fire ball at B rank comes at you and you fire a torrent of pressured water at A rank or B rank with more charges.

- Canceling, a form of defending through Speed.
Tricky, but its a form off countering and attacking, using speed you can trip a running demon about to swing an axe preventing him from ever swinging. This means the demon has to redo the following portion of their turn starting off when you moved or tripped him. This means you cancel the rest of his post where he was meant to swing and crash the axe down.

- Special, a powerful form of Attack.
An attack that requires charging or an item to perform, specials are stronger then normal attacks and are commonly just your powers or more.
1. Ace releases a fireball (not a special)
2. Ace focused then released a flame from his palm (special)
It could have increased speeds, more power, or an advert effect due to charging.

- Finisher, a weaker form of Final.
A finisher is a move done by charging multiple times, they have drastic effects, can be highly destructive and impossible to dodge. These fall into A to S ranked skills, and generally can't be performed at the start of a battle.

- Final, the Auto kill.
A move or scenario chained or charged up to an unavoidable point, the skill is S rank and takes 6 or more charges. A final can only be stopped by a final or equally charged attack give or take logic of the scenario.

Play Style Rules

An attack that can change the area, earthquakes, lava, rain, blizzards, hurricanes and more. Terra-forming is allowed, but classified under scenario effect in most cases like fire catching to a tree. But skills that actually just change the area are under terra-forming and can only be done 1 to 3 times per fight at 1/3 of the persons energy. It gives you a home advantage at a costly price here, so don't do it.

- The Bunny Hop.
Each turn you can only perform two actions.
Attack+Attack, Dodge+Attack, Counter+Attack, Dodge+Counter, Block+Charge, Charge+Attack. Dodge+ Charge, Charge+Dodge. Move+attack, Move+charge.
These are just examples there are more combinations. This prevents some one from throwing a fireball, then five hundred grenades, then dash and make a flame thrower behind you all in one turn.
(This can be cancelled, but the rule saves time and the bunny won't waste his/her time over writing just to get cancelled out. )

- Auto Kill.
An auto kill is a move of high rank or a move that takes several turns to charge, if your opponent tries to over power it with a weaker spell that has no effect on it or has charged less then you. Then your attack over comes the opponents and lands, since it was powerful their fate is at your mercy, death, wounded or whatever.

- Auto Hit.
To prevent constant dodging, if someone has attacked three times, the third hit will always land. Knowing this rule it be in your best interest to let yourself get hit by light attacks or else someone can do.
Dodge spam - tap you dodge, tap you dodge, tab you dodge, stab your hit.
Dodge wisely- Tap you dodge, tap your hit, Stab you dodge. tap tour hit.
Use your judgement skills to tell what's worth dodging and not.

That is all, these rules might change once revised and seen in use or if flaws are discovered.


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