Arrival 1.0

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Arrival 1.0

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:02 pm

The Update ('Shocked')
Whats Going On!('bounce')

The Forum is approaching it's final stages, and then it will be adding even more content and zones for you to travel too, explore and so on.
Things to come?

- Training Hall - One of each Shadow Lord.
- The Shadow Lords - The first Five NPC's played by the Admin.
- The Black Forge - A place to build and add weapons to the Forums.
- Reaper's Dwelling - Template for making homes coming soon.

But lets not talk about what we're going to get, but what did we get this time.

- UnderWord - The first Zone has been added.
- Templates - Haven been updated to 1.3.
- Lore - The lore of the Shadow Lords has been updated.

The game is ready in its early stages with not much to do.
But much more to come, but now we need our first hand of Reapers.
From these reapers we will progress and add more to the Forums
Based on your needs and wants, so invite your friends and dark brothers and sisters of the shadow world. I can't say anyone is welcomed, but it doesn't hurt to try and join us. If you've enjoyed the site or idea, why not pass it along.
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