The Guide ~ Getting Started.

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The Guide ~ Getting Started.

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:00 pm

The Guide
Lets get you started.

First lets get to know more about the Reaperz.
This is not generally focused on fighting, but its available.
When you join and are approved, you simply read this area all up then make your character or add one you already have. Any and all characters can fit and join this world since it's a versatile realm connecting to all other realms and time zone. By that I mean year, like you may be a knight in the past and in a realm where dragons exist. You can die, or simply had been cast off by a dark spell and you are now here. You may be from modern day Earth, was hit by a car and died or you played with dark magic and was sent here soul wise or physically to meet the lords. Same goes for the future, its all up to your imagination, but if you have no idea how your character can fit in. We can make one up for you or help you create one.
[Just ask our helpful Moderators in OOC section.]

Here are some of the [Signs] to pay attention too as you navigate the forums, but the first thing you should be doing as an approved member is filling a character sheet in [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] so head over there when done here and read the [Character Template].

[New?] You will see the [NEW?] every now and then in posts or topics, read & follow these for quick tips to help you stay on point and out of trouble. [New?] is for newer members, but also for inexperienced forum role players.

[Lore] These are rumours, story, background, or history of a place, person or icon in the current topic/section. These can be skipped, but its recommended you read them to help you better understand a setting or situation regarding the land and it's people.

[Setting] This tells you what the area is like in high detail, pay attention to this because it's subjected to change as the world progresses or changes even if significantly.

[IC] This means In Character, anything written after this sign is not meant to be taken personally, and is all but reality. It is make believe and creative writing, any relation to reality or similarities are to be ignored.

[OOC] Out of character, this is a form of time out. When speaking, typing action is performed after OOC, it doesn't mean you should be speaking of something off topic or non related to the RP at hand. OOC is a form of time out to disguise, question and plan during RP so we have an OOC chat to prevent OOC on the forum in non OOC areas. But we also have an OOC section for totally off topic stuff to help all of you converse and connect in other manners such as games, taste in music you get the idea.


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