Diamond Lair

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Diamond Lair

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 24, 2016 4:56 pm

Title: Diamond Lair
Type: Home
Location: Dimensional Peru.
Access: None.
Guards: Nidina, a large white Feline Wyvern (Monster hunter Tri)
Her home is a cave in the outskirts of a beast Dimension paralleled to that of earth, here everything is exactly the same, but the world has flourished greatly with out the pollution and construction of humans. Strange winged Wyverns rule the sky, sea and ground, bonds with these beasts have allowed for save passage and small villages and cities to grow.

Kineru lives in an alternate version of Peru still called Peru, here in the jungles of Peru is a small cave entrance beneath a large and wide tree. This entrance connects to a intersecting tunnels forming an underground labyrinth only a Nidina a feline Wyvern has ever successfully explored. Others meet their doom here searching for diamonds and the fabled demon goddess that resides at the end. The tunnels are pitch black and an ominous breeze blows out torches, a static disrupts electronics and only those of great skill manage to reach the lower labyrinth, but meet with a test of greed. The ending tunnels of black rock are littered with uncut diamonds and also serves as home to Nidina who lurks in the darkness eating trespassers and littering the tunnel with their bones as a warning. But at the end are large embossed thick metal doors that take great strength to push open, inside a room worthy of a royal suite awaits with fresh scents and shimmering dim lights.

Inside the room, the floor has gray fur with black stripe as carpeting, the dresser, night stand and bed are made of strong plastic with a black reflective finish with silver trimmings and handles. The mirror has a silver frame over the black backboard over the bed with black satin sheets and a white bed spreed. The bed is large enough for three, but Nidoh is found on her black matching three seat couch sprawled out across it reading most of the time. The couch sits at a corner of the room opposite to a small door leads to a bathroom with a large square shaped tub built into the floor with steps. Near the bath built into the wall is a large shelf of books, some with titles and others blank used for magical tracking. The most alluring piece to her home isn't the furniture or luxurious appearance, but the black marble walls of black and gray clouds and the rocky ceiling embedded with uncut diamonds that absorb candle light and reflect it through out the room in a dim glow.


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