[Info] Making a Home/Dwelling.

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[Info] Making a Home/Dwelling.

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The Guide.
Making a home is simple, the same way you would creatively describe your character, is the same way you describe your home or a place you currently stay. Different rules for Home and Dwelling, explaining that in the next section. Now first is the size of it, what's inside and where like furniture, stolen or collected goods all of that. For an example of a home look below and remember a home can be anywhere or anything, just don't say you live in a box... It could be a gate way to a private world, but then you have to describe that world as your home not the box. T~T

Home Sheet 1.0
Picture: (If any)
Title: The Batcave
Type: Home (or Dwelling)
Location: Gotham city.
Access: Batman only (you can say any, or none or a list of living with you)
Guards: Alfred (If any.)
Appearance: (Described by text)
An opening in the side of a cave leads down a dark and dank tunnel to a steep gorge of hollowed echoing. It is here most turn back, but near by a small sickle of stone can be pulled causing a trap door to open beneath you into a long metal slide the spirals down to a hidden underground layer.
There is a huge space where you land of 16 feet tall and four yards in radius, at the center a car all black on a spinning circular platform that connects it to one of three black run ways. Above the 16 feet is only darkness, steel beams and bats flapping about, at one corner there is a huge assortment of screens and panels connecting to form a huge computer with three large mobile chairs near them. Opposite of this past the car's platform is a long stair case leading up into another section that's unimportant.
Attachments: Connects to a mansion above it, and is surrounded by solid rock with a steel exoskeleton as foundation to prevent cave in's.
Picture: (Again if there is a second version)

(Can be longer and I picked Batman cause he's epic, and I don't know much bout Joker the bish keeps moving!.)

Dwelling 101
Dwellings are the same as Homes, but they are temporary and less luxarious in most cases. This means you can change your Dwelling and location rather then move as you do with homes. Still sounds the same? here is where they get different, a Dwelling isn't your home meaning you can put a place that belongs to someone else with their permission as your current Dwelling. Meaning Alfred lives with batman. If you own a dwelling you can also be invaded or attacked by others who know your dwelling's where about, this is an SL feature, you can just randomly attack homes and need permission first. Also you can have a home and a dwelling, and more then one dwelling, this means you have your own place, but crash at a buddies half the time... making you an access there.


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